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Felisitas Stella is a film composer, music copyist, vocalist, and pianist based in Los Angeles, CA. Stella's life-long passion for film music was sparked when she fell in love with Danny Elfman's soundtrack for Corpse Bride at 5 years old. During her time at Berklee College of Music, she was an arranger for the Audire Soundtrack Choir & Orchestra and helped create arrangements of iconic soundtracks (The Little Mermaid, Theory of Everything, etc.). After graduating Cum Laude in the class of 2021, she went on to compose several projects for the 48 Hour Film Festival as well as multiple independent projects. This time was also the beginning of her passion for musical theatre, in which she was the musical assistant for Interstate, an award-winning AAPI led queer production held in LA. She was also involved in numerous projects for 5th Avenue Theatre in Chicago (Misstep, Emerald Jett). Stella is currently a music copyist at Joann Kane Music Service, where she prepares music materials for Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman, John Williams, and additional archival work.

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